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Installing a Protect-A-Child DIY Pool Fencing system is fairly easy for your average handyman who is prepared to read our notes and understand how an ACCURATE pool fence diagram is drawn (after sleeves are installed). The work is a 2 stage process and takes about  2-3 weeks from date of order. Due to seasonal demand we do not offer this DIY option in peak season (October - December). We have helped install over 100 DIY pool fences in and around Southern Africa and Mauritius.

The cost per meter for our DIY Pool Fencing is R399 and R1000 for the self closing gate (incl vat). Transport cost is additional - for your expense....approximately R40p/m of fencing from Cape Town to Johannesburg (goods fairly lightweight, a 20m fence weighs about 20kg and fits in a box 20X30X130cm). A detailed costing is at the back of the DIY Operations and Procedures Monual (OPMAN) which we can email you. These prices will increase by the CPIX (annual inflation rate of South Africa) on the 1st of September 2016.

So how does it work? Please email photo's of pool and sketch of planned fence layout.   We invoice for a R1140 deposit which gets a 1st box containing the pool fence sleeves, vertical test posts and a DIY paper OPMAN posted to you (receiver pays for parcel, about R300). This R1140 is deducted off the final price per meter once a diagram is received and a final invoice is prepared before manufacture begins.             


Stage 1 is drilling and securing sleeves into the ground surface. An accurate fence plan diagram is then required

to custom manuacture your pool fence. At this stage a final price is calculated and 100% payment via E.F.T. is required before manufacture begins. About 10 - 14 working days later your fence is delivered and ready for

installation. We have written a 15 page operations and procedure manual which assists for DIY.

The OPMAN's 5 modules include:                       

1. Planning and understanding how fences work.

2. Equipment, tools, manpower and time needed (photo and names of all equipment).

3. Fence plan diagram examples.

4. Drilling

5. Installing                      

In order to receive a pdf with our OPMAN, please take a photo of your pool and email us with the planned

pool fence layout. We will assist with planning. Please see below a fence plan diagram example. We do

please require payment upfront - the NSPI is the "watchdog" of the swimming pool industry and will protect you,

the consumer. We have been members of the NSPI for 10 years and only ever had 1 solved complaint. We left the institute in 2016 because they added little value, the meetings were dead boring and monthly subs are now saved. We have successfully helped protect young families all over South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the Congo with our attractive and affordable Protect-A-Child DIY pool fence system. The retro fit specialists, no steps or corner problems. Any ground surface. Digital coms. please!! WhatsApp photo's or email

Below are 2 really old fence plan diagram examples. Always label fence plan diagrams in an Anti-clockwise direction when standing on the outside of the pool fence. This way if there are steps we can read profile left to right and it's just how we custom manufacture our removable pool fence system.