Corners are accommodated by installing a bowed corner tension post. A corner pole slides into a sleeve which 
 leans out at an angle. Adjacent poles are attached to the bowed corner tension post using 2 interlocked eye
 bolts and wing nuts. This corner tension post compensates for the horizontal tension pulling in 2 directions.
 Curved fences for kidney shaped or round pools require slightly narrower panels and more poles. Sleeves in the
 ground lean in and out, so once poles are tensioned at the top, poles appear slightly bowed. Please view our
 gallery for curved fences.

Corner tension post 

Bowed corner tension

Kidney shaped pool fence


 Steps are accommodated by custom manufactured poles and panels. Sleeves are drilled at the base of each
 step and panels are custom manufactured to fit. Fences attach to existing walls using a raw bolt, interlocked
 eye bolts and a wing nut.



Attached to the wall