Self Closing Gates

 Self Closing gates open in towards the pool and are 750mm wide. A lockable latch is located on the inside of
 the fence and opened by reaching over the top. The gap between the gate frame and adjacent upright is less
 than 10mm and impassable for little fingers. We recommend self closing gates for most families; where there is
 no need to ever remove the pool fence. Self closing gates require basic tools & more time to remove & reinstall.


Self closing gate

Gate opens in towards the pool

Lockable pool fence gate

 Manual Panel Gates 
 Manual Panel Gates need to be latched, using a stainless steel toggle whenever the swimming pool area is 
 not in use. To open the gate, 2 poles of adjacent panels need to be pulled together and a toggle unlatched. 
 Once the tension is released, a pole lifts out of its holes and a 1.2m wide panel folds back manually into a 
 “gate resting sleeve.” 2 Panels can easily be opened to leave a 2.4 meter wide entrance. This gate system 
 works in conjunction with the horizontal tension in the fence and requires an adults strength to unclip the 
 toggle. The degree of difficulty is opening the toggle is adjustable. Whenever poles are returned to their "gate"
 closed sleeve” position, the toggle must be manually closed by an adult.

Manual gate toggle

Manual gates opens 2.4m wide 

2 panels fold back into "gate resting sleeves"