Ground Surfaces 
 Brick or cement pavers are the most common and easiest installation surface. The
 paving helps to offer support and the fence does not impede with cutting the lawn. We
 drill through bricks or paving using 30mm masonry drill bit and cement in a 25mm PVC
 sleeve. Some brick paving is old and may crack ... we go the extra mile by compacting
 and patching with cement and iron oxide.

   Grass or soil require extra sleeve support in the form of a
"mega-sleeve". Mega sleeves, envelope smaller fence sleeves
and have a larger concrete foundation below grass root level.
When cutting the grass it is best to remove panels from the
sleeves or use a manual grass cutter. This mesh is not weed
eater friendly.
Additional costs apply for grass or soil
 Wooden decks are more difficult to secure sleeves. Please call the installing agent in your area and he will ask
 some questions before coming to quote. We need to know what ground surface is below the deck and how far
 below the deck is this soil or concrete. We can install pool fence sleeves into most decks but unfortunately the
 price per meter does increase.

Wooden Decks

Side mounted sleeves

using saddle brackets