Removing & Reinstalling 
 Remove panels by loosening the wing nuts and removing all the eye bolts from poles. Once the horizontal tension
 is released, poles slide out of sleeves and panels lift out. For easy storage, roll 4 or 5 panels together into one
 bundle (poles facing up and start rolling with all the poles together). A 15 meter fence will take less than 10
 minutes to remove and stores away into a bundle the size of a golf bag. Black cover caps are used to plug sleeve
 holes. The self closing gate is not as easy to remove and reinstall.
 Reinstalling fencing is quick and easy - when no self closing gates are installed. Panels are numbered in an anti
 clockwise direction and install as per your fence plan. Remove cover caps and slide poles into planned sleeves.
 The eye bolts slide through poles and wing nuts are fastened until the gap between the poles is parallel.
 Tension posts on the corners use 2 interlocked eye bolts - see fence details in menu. A storage bag and hanging
 hooks in the garage are supplied, if requested.