Pool Drowning is silent and often occurs during meal times or times when adults are distracted and assume someone else is supervising the child. A swimming pool fence with a self closing gate works as the best primary
barrier of protection. Secondary pool safety barriers such as the Pool Safety Turtle Alarm (child's wrist band)
are good, especially when your child is not at your home. Safeguarding your child can be best accomplished in
4 primary ways; often referred to as layers of protection. Together with the National Spa and Pool Institute
www.nspi.o.za), we recommend multiple layers of protection. This is recommended such that if a child were
to circumvent any one layer of protection, others are there to back it up.
  4 Ways to prevent drowning:
 1.  Adult supervision
 2.  Fencing the pool
 3.  Covering the pool
 4.  Alarms
 Generally regarded as the most effective barrier.
 The most important step and required no matter what additional safety precautions are taken.
 Nets and safety covers require discipline, time and effort.
 Alarms should aways be used together with a fence or a net.
Generally speaking, if we can prevent children under the age of 5 from gaining access to the swimming pool long enough for the supervising adult to realise they are missing and relocate them, we can greatly reduce the likelihood of pediatric drowning.

Protect-A-Child Fencing is engineered with child safety in mind. When properly installed under tension, Protect-A-Child's mesh fabric won't allow children, pets or toys to pass underneath the fence. The climb resistant mesh is safe for unsteady toddlers whom may fall against it. Protect-A-Child Removable Pool Fences are backed by a full 3 year limited warranty. While there is no substitute for adult supervision, Protect-A-Child removable pool fence system, is designed to provide the pool owner with added pool safety.

Started here in South Africa in the summer of 2002, we have installed hundreds of fences and have the approval of the N.S.P.I., the "watchdogs" of the swimming pool industry in South Africa. Our fences have proved safe for toddlers and children younger than 6 years old.