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Our Company

Graham Praetorius is a 100% member of the Protect A Child close corporation. We are a team of honest, hard-working Southern Africans who add value and share rewards fairly in all seasons. Our solid commitment to past clients is evident from an email we received from the National Spa and Swimming Pool Institute (N.S.P.I). Upon terminating our NSPI membership in 2016, Protect A Child only ever had 1 solved complaint. email. We are the good guys.

Mission Statement:

To help people make a fully informed, most suitable, swimming pool safety decision.

Vision Statement:

Our goal is to operate with integrity, adding value fairly, whilst sharing risks and rewards. We aim to be kind, polite and helpful, so that understanding people can make a fully informed decision about our products and services. Knowing that we are trusted with the safety of your children and that we are only as good as our next job, keeps our commitment to clients serious.

Current Situation

We install pool fencing in the Western and the Eastern Cape. It’s been 3 years since the lockdown of April 2020. Consolidating changes have kept us proud and strong with fewer overheads. We are no longer VAT registered. Graham still works with Shorty (2 decades later). 2023 has introduced some positive product changes. Our new textaline mesh pool fencing is imported from China and stronger than the product we locally manufactured for the previous 20 years. We now offer a 5-year warranty on pool fencing installed by ourselves. Green and beige pool fencing is no longer available.

We are a small business, committed to providing you with quality products, workmanship, and service excellence in a personal, professional and efficient manner. Our primary goal is to prevent toddlers and young children from drowning in swimming pools. Our secondary goal is to stay in business for new or existing customers. The questions we ask are designed to help you make the best pool safety decision for your needs AND for us to try and filter paying customers from potential clients.

Our History

Graham bought this business at an infantile stage from Mr Braam Erasmus in 2005, after his mother, Wendy Praetorius, installed a Protect A Child pool fence. Thank you Kasha for entering our world.

The last 18 years have seen us grow bigger and recently, smaller again. In 2009 we established 2 installing agents in Johannesburg and a short while later Darren joined us in the Eastern Cape. We have consolidated since lockdown and install our pool fencing in the Western and Eastern Cape.

We are proud of the 5000+ families whom we have kept safe over the last 20 years. As we continue to move towards the ultimate complexity of our universe, the power social media and customer reviews brings truth to light. Delivering what we promised, when we promised, with any after sales services if needed, is what we do!

Technology helps us try and filter clients from potential customers. We have learnt to be less surprised, when some potential customers still give us a bad review, even though we never supplied them. Integrity is showing respect for each other’s time and possessions. Whilst we welcome your call, please understand that we can not help everyone in peak summer and you are not a customer unless we have agreed to supply your swimming pool safety solution.