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Multifunctional POOL SAFETY COVERS

Solid Safety Pool Covers

Dangerous window periods of time occur when these covers are not fastened over the pool:

1. Adults get distracted
2. The cover isn’t re-fitted immediately after swimming or cleaning.

Families with older, water safe siblings, are advised to consider a more user-friendly barrier of protection around their swimming pool, so the older children can enjoy their pool every day in summer. Either a pool fence with a self-closing gate or an automated pool safety cover.

Leaves need to be swept off these covers to prevent blocked drainage holes and ponding above covers. These drainage holes also allow important air ventilation as chemicals get released from the pool water.

Solid Safety PVC Pool Covers (Poles & Ratchets) Multi-functional Positives and Negatives


  • These covers are perfectly safe and prevent drowning when fitted properly by 2 adults.
  • Keeps leaves, dirt, and dogs out of the pool water.
  • Also keeps sunlight out of the water, so less chlorine and electricity is needed.
  • Prevents evaporation, saving water AND raising the water temperature.
  • 2 People are needed to remove and re fit these pool covers. Big covers are heavy.

Pool Safety Covers

To Get A Quote

Please measure the swimming pool length and width, send us a photograph via WhatsApp and include your street address. Pools with rockeries, steps and side walls may create challenges unsuitable for pole pool safety covers.

Solid safety pool covers are designed to provide pool safety, cleaner, warmer water, less evaporation, less sunlight so less pool chemicals and pump time. These ribbed solid safety pool covers preferably require 2 adults to fit and remove cover. With the variety of benefits, these are the only pool covers that we supply.

  • Multifunctional but Manual
  • When fitted, keeps children safe.
  • Evaporation is reduced.
  • Blocking sunlight saves on pool chemicals.
  • Dark pools require less pump time which lower electricity expenses.
  • Dirt and leaves are kept out of pool.
  • Drainage holes should be kept clean.
  • With 2 Adults, removing and fitting is quick and easy.
  • Technical info
  • 600 gram/sq m Blue, Black, Beige of Grey PVC.
  • Weight of cover: 1 sq/m = 1.5kg
  • PVC is supported 10-20cm above the pool water using aluminium battens or poles.
  • Stainless steel (S.S.) ratchets, 1.2-ton strops, D rings & S.S. Anchor bolts.
  • 10mm drainage holes prevent puddles or ponds from rain.
  • Covers should be kept clean so drainage holes do not get blocked.
  • UV light, cleaning & care dependent, expected lifespan: 6 – 8 years.
  • 2 year warranty.

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