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Pool Safety Fencing

Protect-A-Child Fencing is a fully removable, modular pool fence system engineered with child safety in mind. Installation is a 2 stage process and every pool fence is custom manufactured locally after sleeves are secured into the ground surface. The fine weave of our mesh is climb resistant and prevents leaves and debris from blowing into your pool.

Product Specifications

Pool Fence Description: A see-thru, UV resistant, PVC coated polyester mesh or netting is attached to reinforced, powder coated, aluminium poles which install into permanent ground sleeves. We drill 32mm diameter holes, 250mm deep, to anchor ground sleeves for poles.

Whilst our reinforced aluminium poles are super strong, they are only as strong as the ground sleeve anchoring. We go the extra mile. Depending on the fencing length, ground sleeves (& poles) are spaced approximately 1.2m apart. Caps are available for the ground sleeves when the fence is removed. Each fence panel is numbered to help make reinstalling quick and easy.

The fence is 1.22m high, strong, attractive and easy for an adult to remove and reinstall. Our product is not recommended for animal containment and not weed eater friendly.

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Fence opening options

Self-closing gates are 750mm wide and usually open in towards the pool. A powder coated aluminium gate frame hinges off a removable square gate post. The gate hinges are spring-loaded. The stainless-steel gate latch, located inside the fence, can be padlocked. 50mm square galvanised steel sleeves are 200mm deep and permanently secured into the ground surface. The square gate posts fit into these ground sleeves. When removing the fence; remove the square posts after removing the round posts. When re-installing, install the square gate posts first.

A secondary manual fence opening method is optional (when toddlers only visit occasionally or sometimes behind the pool weir). This is not a gate and requires a reasonably strong adult to open and close. How does it work? The whole fence is under horizontal tension. Pull 2 adjacent poles closer together, unclip a 70mm stainless steel snap hook or toggle and manually lift 2 poles out of the ground sleeves. 2 panels fold back manually into “resting sleeves” leaving a 2.4m wide opening.

2.4m Wide Manual Opening

Corners and Steps

We use “bowed corner tension posts” to accommodate the fence changing direction. 3 ground sleeves are installed; the middle sleeve leans out at an angle to compensate for the fences horizontal tension. Steps require longer poles and may add a surcharge to the price per meter. Our gallery shows how steps, corners or curved fences can be installed.

Ground Surfaces

We install pool fencing into most ground surfaces. Secure brick and cement pavers are the easiest to drill and anchor in ground sleeves. We usually drill 25cm deep, about 15-30cm away from the grass edge. Depending on the fence length, sleeves are between 90 and 130cm apart. Concrete or porcelain tiles require diamond core drilling and carry a slight surcharge on price.

Grass or soil installations require extra foundational ground sleeve support…named “mega-sleeves”.

Our experience with wooden decks has led to our “retro-fit-specialist” reputation. We enjoy a challenge and one of our past ground sleeve installation experiences will probably match your needs.

Removing & Re-Installing

Removing the pool fence is quick and easy for one adult. How? Unfasten the wing nuts from the eye bolts. Completely remove the eye bolts from the poles. Once this horizontal tension is released, the poles lift out of the ground sleeves. A 15-meter fence should take less than 15 minutes to remove and stores away into the size of a golf bag. The permanent ground sleeves have cover caps to plug the holes. Reinstalling the pool fence is also quick and easy. Panels are labelled & numbered in an anti-clockwise direction. Start reinstalling by cleaning the square ground sleeves before installing the square gate posts first. Unroll the mesh and install the round poles into their ground sleeves. Install the eye bolts through the poles. Fasten the wing nuts so that the gaps at the top of the poles is the same width as below. Start the installation with the square gate posts. Corner tension posts use 2 interlocked eye bolts to accommodate a change in fence direction. The self-closing gate and receiving latch are attached to 2 removable square poles. These square poles and ground sleeves should be removed and cleaned annually. Aligning the self-closing gate “finger” at the correct height of the receiving gate latch is dependent on clean square gate sleeves and the correct square pole height.